About Us

About Us

Kinetix Action Towers are the latest product line from Eldorado Climbing.

Eldorado Climbing built its first climbing wall over 30 years ago.  Since then, we have become an industry leader and have delivered the widest breadth of projects around the globe.   With installations ranging from the world’s largest outdoor climbing facility to home climbing walls, Kinetix Action Towers is our latest innovative offering.

A few years back Eldorado realized there was a huge disconnect in the family entertainment sector, namely that active entertainment facilities, such as “fun climbing” centers, and trampoline parks catered almost exclusively to kids. Adults would accompany their children but, for the most part, wouldn’t participate in the activities. This is in stark contrast to Eldorado’s core business – climbing gyms – where people of all ages actively participate, but not often as families.

So how could Eldorado design a product that would bridge the gap between these two active entertainment experiences?  Something fun, challenging, for all ages and abilities, that truly appeals to families? The Top Golf of climbing?

After visiting numerous FECs around the country and in Europe, interviewing owners and participants, our design team got to work.  Addressing key feedback from our research, we set out to combine the best elements of climbing gyms, ninja courses, and other active entertainment facilities.

Kinetix Action Towers were born, an entirely new experience.

In 2012, Eldorado spun-off Head Rush Technologies, maker of the world’s most trusted auto belay, the TRUBLUE. All Kinetix Action Towers incorporate TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

We are proud to call some of the finest organizations in the world our partners.