What heights are available for Kinetix Towers? 14’, 18’, 22’, or 26’

What is the target age range for this product? 7-70. Because of the variety of challenges and the different difficulty levels, Kinetix action towers are great for both kids and adults.

Are there different difficulties for the Challenges? Yes. There is a range if difficulties. Each “Challenge/Climbponent” can be climbed in at least two (2) different ways. This allows the participant to increase or decrease the difficulty level. Some Challenges/Climbponents can even be climbed up to 4 different ways.

Can Kinetix be used in an outdoor environment? Yes! Kinetix are perfectly suited for outdoor installations.

What is the average cost of a Kinetix Tree? Average cost for a Kinetix Tree is somewhere between $125,000-$180,000 depending on the challenge, component, and flooring packages selected by the client.

Are Kinetix freestanding? Certain Towers are freestanding—the Tree and the Canopy. The Arches require an engineered attachment to roof truss.

What is the lead time to order a Kinetix Tree and Challenge/Climbponent package?

Lead times vary depending on the Challenge/Climbponent package selected. Right now, the average lead time is around 8-12 weeks.

Is installation included in your pricing? Yes, installation is included in pricing.

Can Kinetix be self-installed?  Climbponents can be self-installed but the Towers and Challenges cannot.

How long does installation take for a Kinetix Tree? Installation times can vary depending on the Challenge/Climbponent package selected. Average installation of a Kinetix Tree is 3-5 days.

How many staff does it take to operate a Kinetix Tower?  Staff to participant ratio is 1:9. One staff for every nine climbers.